Fading Away – A trip within our fading memories…

Here we go, first post for the Diary from the studio and it’s about Obsidian Key single released in November 2012 and titled “Fading Away”. It has been a really interesting experience to work on such a kind of project and the result is a beautiful and intense song that seems to have been very much appreciated by both reviewers and fans!

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Hello world!

So here we are, in the new digital / connected / multimedial era, where a new and really exciting way of interacting with our favorite artists has completely substituted the previous “old school” music industry infrastructures as we knew it.

Obsidian Key, as a music project band, are not an exception to this new wave of making and distributing music, so welcome to the “Diary from the studio” Blog which aim to document on a monthly base (or whenever it’s possible given the workload!) what’s going on under the hood in the activity of writing, recording, mixing and mastering of Obsidian Key albums and singles.

Hope you’ll enjoy the experience and for up-to-date info please check out the right column here ->

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