Time – A philosophical dimension of human brain

Here we go 2nd article about what’s going on in the studio with Obsidian Key project! This time it’s time for “Time” track, an irreverent progressive rock track about… well… guess it yourself 😉

In the brief history of Progressive Rock some traditions emerged and one of them (perhaps one of the strongest) is that every single band who really wants to claim being a full Prog Rock band “must” write a song about time!

Time… something we all get for granted in our life, a concept we all think we know, until someone asks us to explain what it is, yet it is a very important concept for human kind… There are scientists who claim it does not exist, while others claim it exist, there are different forms of time and studying some of them can really make brain hurts lol!

However, time, like love, is something that is always with us, in our mind and so I believe it is an argument that will always find a place in songs. Problem was, how could I write another track about time that still would have some sense after master pieces like “Time” (Pink Floyd) or “Take the Time” (Dream Theater), I mean let’s face the truth guys, it’s an impossible mission!

So, really had to get into full science and philosophy and put the two of them together in order to write my song about one of the most used subject in Prog Rock music.

When Theory of Relativity inspires you…

The idea came while re-studing physic and in particularly Einstein Theory of Relativity (oh yeah that’s one of the things I like to do in my spare time!)… What inspired me of Relativity was the principle of Time Dilatation. Time Dilatation is an actual difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational masses.

This was good enough to inspire the whole song, then I had to add some real life connection and what jumped in my mind was the long list of phrases we all use to refer to time in relation to our life… this was the idea for the lyrics, to combine all these time related phrases to make a sense and provide the sense of it at the very beginning or at the very end of the song… Talking about Einstein… one of his quotes sounded perfect to give the listener the message (or the sense) of the whole track:

The only reason for time is that so everything doesn’t happen at once!

and this became the emblematic opener phrase of the track.

A challenge for Gods… Time Dilatation

At this point the other element to insert was the concept of Time Dilatation… So how could I simulate Relativity’s Time Dilatation in a piece of music? Well not sure if I succeeded, but the idea was to use a metronome set at a tempo of 200 Bpm (beats per minute) and instead of playing notes at that speed, I fractionated it for the overall song tempo and use it for all the 8th notes usually played as phrases or obbligato parts within the song. This way the feeling would be similar to what described by the theory of relativity describing the effect of traveling at the speed of light, we would not feel our time speeding up, we would experience everything around us moving freaking slow.

The solo as an expression of time changing

Ok here is my favourite part (of course!) the solo! First of all for the solo I wanted to insert some time signature change, and so the song goes from an up beat accented 4/4 to a 5/4 when the fill-out of the drums introduces that cool piece of bass solo (oh yeah wanted to start with a bass guitar solo for a change ’cause LOUD! is full of guitars and keyboard solos!) and then add all the other instruments to lead again to the solo introductory obbligato that, after a light speed air blow, would lead to the guitar solo that radically changes again the mood in a much more classic Rock sound with a medium intensity energy burst and guitar solo after which, through another obbligato module will re-joing the main riff.

Funny Gran Finale!

Ok after another chorus (to respect tradition of popular music) the finale joins in with a repeated obbligato and then, just out of nowhere, a sound of someone couching and asking to someone else if he has got some time and the song ends almost like a slamming door of someone upset after being singing that there is not such a thing as time and someone asked him if he has got some time!

Why all this? Well… simply because I can! 😛

Hope you enjoyed another little tour in what was going on behind another of Obsidian Key’s track that so many seems to be loving so much!

Wish you all a wonderful 2014 and keep in touch for the next sneak peak into what crazy stuff is going on in the dark, magic, proggy world of Obsidian Key project!

– Sonic

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